Raddec International Ltd’s Revolutionary Software Solutions

In the fast-evolving landscape of radioanalytical laboratories, Raddec International Ltd continues to spearhead innovation. Specialising in the design, testing, and marketing of cutting-edge radioanalytical technologies, Raddec stands as a beacon of progress. This blog post delves into Raddec’s groundbreaking software solutions, designed by analytical scientists to work seamlessly within busy laboratories, improving efficiency, reducing errors, and enhancing data visualization.

Analytical Software

Raddec’s foray into analytical software complements its hardware innovations, providing comprehensive solutions for the intricate demands of modern radioanalytical laboratories.

ItraxPlot: Itrax Data Visualization Software

ItraxPlot is a powerful data visualization package specifically tailored for Cox Analytical’s Itrax XRF core scanner. Developed by Raddec, this software allows users to rapidly evaluate inter-relations between optical, radiographic, and elemental variations in large datasets. It plays a crucial role in visualizing Itrax datasets for various sample types, aiding in the interpretation of core properties such as mineralogy, heavy metal pollution signals, sediment accumulation rates, redox variations, and more. It complements the Cox Analytical RediCore™ program, providing intelligent visualization of results without modifying original data.

ItraxPlot-Lite: Itrax Image Visualization Software

ItraxPlot-Lite is a gift to the scientific community, offering a no-cost solution to visualize optical and radiographic images produced by Itrax core scanners. Owned by Prof Ian Croudace and developed by Jim Fitzgerald of JF Computing, this software allows scientists to explore and interpret images without compromising analytical data. It stands as a testament to Raddec’s commitment to advancing science and supporting the scientific community.


Raddec International Ltd’s foray into analytical software showcases a commitment to addressing the evolving needs of radioanalytical laboratories. The ItraxPlot and ItraxPlot-Lite software solutions are instrumental in enhancing efficiency, reducing errors, and providing intelligent data visualization. As Raddec’s software solutions continue to find routine use in laboratories worldwide, the company solidifies its position as a leader in providing innovative and comprehensive solutions for the radioanalytical community.

Posted on 1st February, 2024