Raddec International Ltd’s Cutting-Edge Technologies

In the realm of radioanalytical laboratories, where precision and efficiency are paramount, Raddec International Ltd stands as a beacon of innovation. This pioneering company specialises in designing, comprehensively testing, and marketing revolutionary radioanalytical technologies. The focus? Extracting volatile radionuclides from diverse materials. Let’s explore how Raddec’s innovative range of products has become indispensable for various sectors, including nuclear decommissioning, nuclear defense, nuclear fusion research, environmental monitoring, regulatory compliance, AMS analytical laboratories, and academic research.

Analytical Hardware

Raddec’s analytical hardware is at the forefront of their groundbreaking technologies, offering efficient solutions for the extraction of volatile radionuclides from a wide array of materials.

Pyrolyser-Trio Furnace System

The Pyrolyser-Trio Furnace System is a game-changer in the quantitative extraction of tritium, 14C, 36Cl, and 129I from solid and liquid samples. Scientifically designed and evaluated, this furnace system provides a safe and efficient means of extracting volatile radionuclides from various materials such as foodstuffs, biota, soil, sediment, concrete, metals, and bioassay samples. The unique 3-zone system allows simultaneous extraction from 2, 4, or 6 samples, enhancing efficiency in radioanalytical laboratories.

Pyrolyser Mini Furnace System

The Pyrolyser Mini Furnace System offers a compact and efficient solution for the quantitative extraction of volatile radionuclides. Its unique pivoting design and compact size enable installation and operation in confined spaces, making it suitable for fume cupboards, glove boxes, mobile laboratories, and conventional laboratories. Proven under routine radioanalytical laboratory conditions, the Pyrolyser Mini is a testament to Raddec’s commitment to versatility and reliability.

Raddec Hyperbaric Oxidiser: HBO2

The Raddec HBO2 is a fully-integrated Hyperbaric Oxidiser System designed for the efficient and rapid extraction of tritium and 14C. Precision-engineered and closed-vessel, this system uses pressurised oxygen to oxidise combustible materials, transforming them into water and carbon dioxide. Widely used for waste characterisation in nuclear decommissioning and related sectors, the Raddec HBO2 plays a crucial role in the analysis of soft wastes, plastic, oil, and biota.


Raddec International Ltd’s commitment to addressing the technical challenges faced by modern radioanalytical laboratories is evident in their cutting-edge products. The Pyrolyser-Trio Furnace System, Pyrolyser Mini Furnace System, and Raddec Hyperbaric Oxidiser (HBO2) represent a paradigm shift in radioanalytical technologies. As these instruments continue to find routine use in laboratories worldwide, Raddec solidifies its position as a leader in providing innovative solutions for extracting volatile radionuclides across diverse materials and applications.

Posted on 1st February, 2024