Customer Support

Since 2003, Raddec has provided analytical solutions and technical support to its Customers. With considerable radioanalytical experience, Raddec scientists routinely work with customers to help them achieve their specific project goals. There is an ongoing R&D programme, both underpinning technical support for existing products and informing the development of new technologies.

Dependable Service

Raddec hardware is designed to be robust and reliable in routine use. It is supported by ready access to a range of spares and consumables. Although Raddec instruments are inherently reliable, service contracts are also available to ensure ongoing reliable operation. As well as providing preventative maintenance and technical support in the event of an instrument breakdown, service contracts also entitle the customer to access a range of on-line technical support documentation from the website.


Training is available at any time and is normally offered with new installations. In addition to this basic training, Raddec have developed training courses for both beginner and advanced user levels, tailored to meet the specific needs of the customer. Training can either be provided at no cost in Southampton or Romsey (UK ) or at the customers site (please ask for a quote). Raddec also host technical workshops to facilitate user-driven discussions of the instrumentation and to provide information on recent technical advances

Technical Support

Raddec scientists provide both comprehensive pre-sales guidance and ongoing technical advice to support their range of innovative systems and software.

Technical Documentation

Raddec provide detailed technical support documents and training media, readily accessible through its on-line customer support area. Access to the information is provided for the duration of the warranty period and as part of ongoing service contracts.