Radiochemical and Decommissioning Solutions

Intelligent radioanalytical systems – designed by scientists for scientists

Raddec International Ltd designs, comprehensively tests and markets innovative radioanalytical technologies for extracting volatile radionuclides from diverse materials. These systems are designed by Raddec specialists with deep understanding of  the technical issues and challenges faced by modern radioanalytical laboratories.

Raddec’s hardware innovations focus on the extraction of volatile elements and radionuclides from all types of samples. The instrumentation has found extensive application in many analytical and R&D sectors.  These include nuclear decommissioning, nuclear defence, nuclear fusion waste characterisation, environmental, regulatory, accelerator mass spectrometer laboratories and university research.

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Unlock industry best practice at our Joint Workshop with Triskem International on April 18th, 2024, at Portsmouth's impressive Historic Dockyard Museum (U.K). Explore current products, new developments, and network with analytical leaders. Request a place at the Workshop Dinner on April 17th aboard the iron-clad HMS Warrior (launched 1860).