ItraxPlot: Itrax data visualization software

ItraxPlot software is a powerful data visualization package specifically developed to work with the large datasets generated by Cox Analytical’s Itrax XRF core scanner.

Raddec’s ItraxPlot software was specifically developed to display the large datasets generated from Itrax systems in a rapid, user-friendly and flexible manner. It effectively displays Itrax datasets for many sample types including wood, rock, coal and sediment and allows for users to evaluate changes in a variety of core properties such as mineralogy, heavy metal pollution signals, variations in sediment accumulation rates, redox variations and much more.

  • An intuitive and flexible tool for Itrax data – allowing users to rapidly evaluate inter-relations between optical, radiographic and elemental variations
  • ItraxPlot is a valuable tool for visualising data from the Itrax X-ray core scanner – used worldwide by Itrax laboratories
  • Complements the Cox Analytical RediCore™ program – allowing intelligent visualisation of results, to aid interpretation
  • No original data are modified – providing quality outputs without risking analytical data

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