Pyrolyser Mini Furnace System

An analytical furnace system optimised for the quantitative extraction of volatile radionuclides, such as tritium, carbon-14, chlorine-36 and iodine-129 from solid and liquid samples.

The Pyrolyser Mini system is a compact, two work tube system. Its compact size and unique pivoting design enables the system to be installed and operated in confined spaces – such as fume cupboards, glove boxes, mobile laboratories etc – as well as in conventional laboratories, either in a vertical or horizontal orientation.

The Pyrolyser Mini system is tested technology which has been proven under routine radioanalytical laboratory conditions to provide key benefits for analytical laboratories:

  • Rugged, compact size – Permitting benchtop installation or in fume-cupboards or glove boxes
  • Rapid and reproducible separation capability – reducing analyst time and increasing laboratory throughout
  • Use of laboratory standard, user-packed column configurations – permitting straightforward adaptation of conventional separation schemes
  • Capacity for larger column sizes – permitting use in environmental / low level analyses applications
  • Use of chemically-inert tubing with low dead volume – minimising the potential for cross contamination

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