Pyrolyser-Trio Furnace System (Gen IV)

The Pyrolyser-6 Trio GenIV is the latest and most advanced version of the successful and class leading Pyrolyser series. This extends the flexibility of these robust multi-worktube, 3-zone furnaces. The GenIV integrates the latest in HMI-PLC technology with a user-friendly intuitive interface to enable straightforward set-up of heating recipes by users.

Pyrolyser Trio furnaces enable the the quantitative extraction of volatile radionuclides, such as tritium, carbon-14, chlorine-36 and iodine-129 from solid and liquid samples. Thermal extraction of volatile radionuclides from 10+ grams of organic samples is possible and up to 40 grams of non-organic samples.

The Pyrolyser Trio furnace systems have evolved following 20 years of scientific R&D.

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