Pyrolyser-Trio Furnace System (Gen III)

Efficient and rapid extraction of tritium, 14C, 36l and 129I from any material

An analytical furnace system optimised for the quantitative extraction of volatile radionuclides, such as tritium, carbon-14, chlorine-36 and iodine-129 from solid and liquid samples.

The Pyrolyser Trio furnace systems have been scientifically designed and evaluated to provide a safe and efficient means of extracting volatile radionuclides from almost any type of sample (foodstuffs, biota, soil, sediment, concrete and other building materials, metals and bioassay samples).

The Pyrolyser-Trio Series of furnaces have a Unique 3-zone system for simultaneously extracting volatile radionuclides from 2, 4 or 6 samples.

  • Proven and tested technology – evolved through rigorous research and publication
  • Rugged, robust and reliable design – achieving short down times and increased laboratory productivity
  • Rapid and reproducible extraction capability – reducing analyst time and increases analytical throughput
  • Simultaneous extraction of volatile radionuclides from 6 samples – permitting use in both environmental and low level analyses applications
  • Readily adapted to determine radionuclide thermal evolution profiles – providing rapid insights into mode of tritium contamination and speciation

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