Raddec Hyperbaric Oxidiser: HBO2

Efficient and rapid extraction of tritium and 14C

The Raddec HBO2 is a current generation fully-integrated Hyperbaric Oxidiser System. It is specifically designed to quantitatively oxidize combustible materials to water and carbon dioxide using pressurised oxygen in a precision engineered, closed-vessel. This instrument processes samples such as soft wastes, plastic, oil and biota that can then be analysed for tritium and Carbon-14 activities.

These systems are routinely used to extract volatile radionuclides from a range of materials as part of waste characterisation in the nuclear decommissioning and related sectors.

  • Complete combustion of samples in less than one minute – high capacity combustion chamber results in a clean sample oxidation
  • Completely converts most combustible materials to water and CO2 – Efficiently decomposes all organic rich materials
  • The oxidation of large samples offers improved LODs compared to thermal oxidisers – expands analysis options for Environmental Monitoring, Nuclear Decommissioning and Fusion Reactor operational support
  • Clean tritiated water is extracted after combustion – Tritium as tritiated water is available for analysis by LSC or Helium-3 in-growth mass spectrometry
  • C-14 is quantitatively produced during efficient combustion – CO2 is trapped and is available for analysis by LSC

Complete and clean oxidation of organic-rich materials (foodstuffs, marine and freshwater fish, meat, vegetation, wood, oils, plastics, and soft wastes) pressurised oxygen to promote efficient combustion.

Application areas:

  • Nuclear decommissioning
  • Waste characterisation
  • Environmental monitoring
  • C14 extraction

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