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Raddec at LSC2017 Copenhagen

Raddec at LSC2017 Copenhagen

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Raddec will be exhibiting at the LSC2017 conference in Copenhagen on the 1st - 5th May 2017.

Raddec at Conferences
  • Paper presented at the Triskem Meeting held in Paris (May 2014)
  • Paper and sponsorship to the International OBT Working Group meeting held in Ottawa, Canada (Sept 2014)
  • Exhibited at the Triskem Users Group Meeting held in Bath (Sep 2014)
  • Exhibited at ERA12: International Symposium on Nuclear & Environmental Radiochemical Analysis (Bath, Sep 2014)
  • Presented (by Triskem International Ltd) at the RANC-2016 Conference (Budapest, Hungary)
  • Exhibited at ANS Tritium 2016 conference, April 2016 (Charleston, USA)
  • Exhibited at the Korean Radioactive Waste Society Meeting, May 2016
  • Exhibited at the RSC Rapid and Automated Techniques seminar, June 2016
Raddec in Japan

The UK Decommissioning YouTube channel was formally launched on 13 April in Japan in the presence of Jamie Reed, MP for Copeland, Dr Adrian Simper, Strategy and Technology Director of the NDA, and many other senior members of the UK and Japanese nuclear decommissioning industries. Raddec International Ltd are proud to have contributed to this initiative. Watch on Youtube

Pyrolyser workshop 2016

The first Pyro workshop was held at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton on the 30th June 2016. Twenty five delegates from UK, Europe and South Korea attended.

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